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At Farmco, we believe horse feeders should be designed to serve everyone who uses them, both equine and human. For horse people, that means a hay feeder that’s built to effectively feed your horses for years to come. For everyone, that’s a feeder to get excited about.

A horse hay feeder

Feed healthy, feed happy

Horses are designed to graze. Out on the prairies, their ancestors didn’t have access to large amounts of grass and grain. So, when domesticated horses are given all the feed they want, all at one time, it can create conditions their digestive systems can’t handle. With a slow hay feeder, from our HF series, you’re able to give your horse all the nutrition it needs, without creating a health risk.

Promising performance, delivering dependability

Horses can be hard on feeders. That’s not a problem, though, if you have a horse feeder designed to take the abuse. We know first-hand what it takes to make a usable horse hay feeder. Each Farmco horse feeder is built with heavy-gauge steel and coated electrostatically with weather-resistant paint. From selecting steel to welding joints to shipping the finished product, we’re building horse feeders for the future. When one of our horse hay feeders arrives on your farm, we expect it to stay for decades.

From our farm to yours

Traditional values like top-notch workmanship, neighborliness, and customer satisfaction are important to all of us farmers. Our manufacturing facility is located right next to the old family farm in Lancaster County, PA, and those values still guide everything we do at Farmco. We’d love to hear what you’re doing on your horse farm and see how we can help you do it better!

You work hard to care for your animals. You don’t have to do it alone.