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Interested in selling Farmco equipment in your area? We’re actively working to grow our dealer network!

Why Farmco?

Since 1985, Farmco has been a leader in supplying agricultural equipment to farmers across North America. Our cattle feeders, horse feeders, hay transport equipment, and other products are designed to meet the needs of farms both large and small. As user feedback is received, we consistently innovate with new products and new designs to better serve folks across the agricultural world.

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About Our Dealers

To meet the needs of local communities around the country, Farmco partners with a wide-ranging network of distributors. The majority of our equipment is sold through these connections, ranging from multi-state corporations to part-time farmers who sell equipment on the side. Our dealers are the backbone of our business and we work hard to support them and create strong relationships built on trust and respect.

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What Farmco Provides for Dealers

Quick supply chain

Because we maintain inventory at our location, we’re able to provide products to our dealers with very little lead time.

Streamlined manufacturing

Our welders are cross-trained on most of our manufacturing lines, which allows us to quickly build on-demand orders.

Competitive wholesale pricing

Our goal is to provide our equipment to dealers at fair, competitive wholesale prices by constantly improving our manufacturing process.

Marketing and lead generation

We invest heavily in marketing and advertising through both digital mediums (website, social media, paid search ads, etc) and print mediums (magazine, newspapers, etc). Our dealers reap many of the benefits of these efforts, as local leads are automatically forwarded to them.

What Farmco Expects from Dealers

Quick customer responses

At Farmco, we take customer service seriously and we expect the same from our dealers. We expect dealers to respond to new leads generated from our website in less than one business day.

Local product promotion

Since our dealers are the face of Farmco in their communities, we rely on them to advocate our products. This can take a variety of forms, but we expect our dealers to actively promote Farmco equipment!

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Think you’re a fit?

If there’s not a Farmco dealer in your area, we’d love to discuss adding you to our network! Just fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested and we’ll respond!