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7 Horse Boredom Busters You Can Try Today

Whether on pasture or in their stall, preventing horse boredom is important. Horses that are bored can become depressed and even develop negative behaviors. That’s nothing a little care and a little ingenuity can’t solve.

At Farmco, we’re a resource for stables and equine enthusiasts. That’s why we’re presenting our list of horse boredom busters — some are tips to try and others are equine products to invest in.

Our Recommended Horse Boredom Breakers

If you raise or board horses, you know there will always be periods of downtime. You can’t be riding or turning out horses 24/7 — it just isn’t possible. That’s why having methods to entertain horses during these times is so crucial.

Every horse is different, and as a result, they’ll respond to these boredom busters differently. We recommend trying a few of these ideas and seeing how your horse or horses respond.

The Farmco HF Series Slow Feed Horse Feeder

At Farmco Manufacturing we build equipment that solves problems for real farmers and horse enthusiasts. We developed our HF Series Slow Feed Horse Feeder for this very reason.

Not only is the Farmco slow feed horse feeder a way to keep your horses entertained on pasture, but it provides a variety of other benefits to horse enthusiasts.

Learn more about how the Farmco HF Series Slow Feed Horse Feeder solved a problem for Farmco’s most famous fan!

Bring the Farmco Advantage to Your Horse Farm

In addition to our popular HF Series slow feeder, Farmco builds a wide variety of equipment to help horse farmers and equine enthusiasts.

Farmco feeders can be found all across the country as we sell our products online and through our dealer network. If you want to learn more about the advantages of Farmco feeders or want to get your quote, contact us today!