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Tipton Farmers Co-op – Covington Agronomy Center

Tipton Farmers Co-op – Covington Agronomy Center distributes Farmco manufacturing equipment including horse feeders, cattle feeders, bale wagons, and much more in Covington, TN. Whether you’re looking for a portable grain bin, horse feeder, or some other type of farm equipment, stop by our dealer at 301 Witherington Drive and find the quality farm equipment that you deserve. If you don’t live close to Covington, TN, just go to our “Find A Dealer” page and type in your address to find your nearest Farmco dealer. So whether you want a square bale horse feeder, a hay wagon, or something else, remember we’re only a stop away!

301 Witherington Drive
Covington, TN 38019

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